Mentoring & Volunteering

Volunteers in refereeing play an integral part in supporting and developing refereeing across the Birmingham FA region.

We offer a variety of opportunities for both experienced and new referees to get involved in supporting the workforce and also to develop their own skills in the game.

Birmingham FA is committed to ensuring new match officials are provided with the utmost support in the early stages of their careers. Our mentoring workforce have a desire and commitment to help and support the next generation of referees.

Other opportunities to support the refereeing workforce include observing, tutoring and coaching. All voluntary positions provide some reimbursement; if you would like to get involved, please see below



Phone: 0121 357 4278





Mentors offer a first point of contact for young referees who are in their first year of refereeing. They offer support to referees aged from 14 -50 in a variety of ways including phone contact and attending games.

  • Have you been refereeing for more than 1 year?
  • Have you got the time to support young referees in a number of ways, from a point of law to how to complete a misconduct report
  • Can you support the future of refereeing?


Referee Observers play a vital part in the development and progression of all match officials throughout the footballing pyramid. 

  • Have you been a Level 6 or higher in the refereeing levels?
  • Are you available at weekend and in the week to attend games?
  • Can you identify in referees area of development and deliver messages in a developmental way?


Referee tutoring over the last 5 years has changed drastically to mirror learning styles and then need for practical deliver. As referees who perform out on the field of play training must be delivered on the field of play.

  • Have you been a Level 5 Referee or above?
  • Are you good at delivering training to young people and adults
  • Can you engage and deliver a message to an audience both outside and inside?
Sian Massey-Ellis


The Development group are referees selected through a vigorous selection programme which included invitation, laws of the game exam, practical refereeing application and video analysis decision making.

The group is headed up by our Referee Development Team for any further information please contact