All Referees are required to complete their registration with Birmingham FA

We are encouraging all referees to register in the close season to not to incur a £5 supplement fee, which will come into effect from June 1st.

Any referees that registered last season, including all new referees, should now be able to access The FA’s Whole Game System (WGS) to re-register for upcoming season.

We urge all referees to use this system to re-register online, as WGS is also the new online process to submit misconduct reports to the County FA.

All Referees who have registered by September 30st will be eligible for:

  • Appointments to FA Cup matches
  • Appointments to Birmingham FA County Cup matches
  • Appointments to Representative matches 

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0121 357 4278
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Because the WGS system is the same system for referees to submit their misconduct reports we have advised referees to register online through this system but some referees who don't have access to a computer can register manually by contacting the office on 0121 357 4278.

Similar to previous seasons, registration will be completed online through the Whole Game System.

To safeguard the game and yourself, leagues and clubs are only allowed to us registered referees. Therefore, to referee you must be registered.

We can only offer our support to registered referees. If you are un-registered you will not be entitled to any support from the County FA, or referee in any county affiliated football activity.

To referee any form of youth football (Under 18s and below) you must have an in-date FA CRC (other CRCs are not normally accepted). Contact us for more information on how you obtain or renew your CRC.


We encourage all referees to register online. Doing so will enable you to manage and edit your personal details and football preferences. However, if you are unable to access our online system, we can provide assistance.

Get in touch with us for more information via email:

Once registered, Whole Game System does not allow you to re-enter the site to change any details but this can be done through Member Services. You can amend your contact details throughout the season or for renewing any certifications that are required to register you as a referee each season.

All correspondence is done by email, so please make sure that is up to date at all times please



Stay up-to-date on the laws of the game, set by the International Football Associations Board, which features representatives from The Football Associations of England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland and FIFA.

  • Law 1: Field of play
  • Laws 2: The ball
  • Laws 3 : The players
  • Laws 5: The Referee
  • Plus more

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