The FA Walking Football Referees Course

Course Overview

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  • Laws of the game
  • The role of the referee

  • The Key skills required to be a football referee
  • Theoretical information of the 17 laws of the game
  • Practical work covering implementation of the laws
  • The art of Positioning and movement
  • Management strategies and ideas on effective decision-making
  • Effective reporting misconduct
  • Evaluation of performance and Assessment Of Knowledge

  • Reviewing and receiving Feedback

  • Examination of knowledge of Laws Of The Game
  • Plan for what happens next


Course Pre-requisites

Prior to certification, candidates are required to: 

  • Attend the FREE introductory session (with a parent/guardian if aged 16 or under)
  • Complete relevant FA Safeguarding Children training
  • Hold a current FA CRC (aged 16 or over)

Note: the above pre-requisites, for those who do not already hold the appropriate evidence, will normally be provided by recognised centres as part of the learning programme.


To provide the learners with an introduction to the principles of officiating, delivering six modules of training around the laws, application and practical delivery.

  • Pull out aim/objective 1
  • Pull out aim/objective 2
  • Pull out aim/objective 3
  • Pull out aim/objective 4
  • Pull out aim/objective 5

Available Dates

Unfortunately there are no available dates.

Important Information

We adhere to a strict cancellation policy and by enrolling onto our course you agree to have read and agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions.

Special Offer!

For a limited period, you will also be provided with associate membership of Kent Referees Society for the current season.


The minimum age to book onto and attend a referee course is 14.

You will be required to enter your FA Number (FAN) and password to book onto a course or create a FAN and password when you go to book onto a referee course if you don’t have one already

Create A FAN here.

Please Note: You will need to create a new FAN for your Son/Daughter if you already have a FAN yourself, because the FAN used will be accepted as the person booked on.

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