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how to find us


The closest stop to our office is the number 5 Bus.

From Birmingham New Street: Get on the X51 Bus to the Scott Arms. From there, you can walk 20 minutes down the Newton Road to our office. Alternatively, catch the number 5 Bus and get off at Bowstoke Road.


The closest station to our office is Hamstead Station.

From Birmingham New Street: Get on a train from New Street to Hamstead Station, which is a 16-minute journey. From there, it is a two-mile walk to our office.

Alternatively, catch the train from New Street to Sandwell & Dudley Station, which is a 10-minute journey. From there, we would recommend getting a taxi to Ray Hall Lane.






Birmingham County FA Payment Options

In recent years Birmingham County FA has been a cashless business, helped by the fact that 98% of our football clubs pay online via the Whole Game System (WGS). However, we appreciate that, due to the pandemic and national lockdowns and the fact that the BCFA office has been closed, there are still customers who wish to pay fines and other invoices by card.

Therefore, we have developed a range of payment options to help, which are all outlined below.