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There are more opportunities than ever for you to play 11v11 football, whatever your gender, ability, race, culture or background - the beautiful game is For All.

The 11v11 adult game is played by over 60,000 players every weekend across our County. Teams usually train midweek and play matches at the weekend, with competitive Saturday and Sunday leagues across the County offering players the chance to showcase their skills.

Birmingham FA currently has over 1,000+ teams, offering male 11v11 football and 70+ teams offering female 11v11 football. On this page you can look for local teams, leagues and opportunities for you to get involved in the beautiful game.

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Find all the information and resources you need to support your journey as a football player. Whether it be to do with getting your own insurance or making you sure you know how to report concerns, to help keep the game safe and fun for everyone.