11v11 Football

Play 11v11 Football across the County


11v11 football across Birmingham County FA continues to grow and we want you to be involved.

As a player, there are so many opportunities for you to play 11v11 adult football, whatever gender, ability, race, culture or background. So why not join in?

Please use the links below to either find a club or get involved on a more casual basis, through the FA Snickers Just Play initiative. 

If you want some guidance from a member of our team, simply use the contact details listed on this page. 

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Find Football

Let’s find the type of football that suits you, or someone you know.


Find all the information and resources you need to support your journey as a football player. Whether it be to do with getting your own insurance or making you sure you know how to report concerns, to help keep the game safe and fun for everyone.