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Birmingham County FA plays host to multiple Further & Higher Education providers.

These providers offer the highest quality of educational experience as well as the opportunities to participate in performance or recreational football programmes. Please find a list of our Further Education providers at the bottom of this page that offer Football in Education programmes. (If you wish for your programme to be added to this list please contact, Ryan.Kimberley@BirminghamFA.com.

Our Further Education providers have the opportunity to compete within our Birmingham FA Education League. At present, the league hosts 3 divisions for the 16-19 age category, 2 for male participation and a pan-disability division. These divisions were formed to increase the opportunity for recreational competitive sport without the worry of competing against high performance opposition. We also host 2 University divisions, the male league was won by University of Birmingham Dev 1 in the 2021/22 season, meanwhile the female league is entering it’s debut season.

Of our 8 Higher Education providers many host regular ‘IntraMural’ activities. University of Birmingham posted 126 teams participating in their ‘Campus’ league last season and this number has grown with the addition of University of Warwick. Furthermore our Universities benefit from CPD opportunity, last year a member of our football development team visited University College Birmingham and delivered an interactive EE Playmaker course.

PAN Festival

Pan-Disability Education League Festival

Thursday 30th March 2023
HBVC Warm Up

HBVC vs Wolverhampton College

Pan-Disability Fixture - December 2022
Pan-Disability Football Players

HBVC vs Wolverhampton College

Pan-Disability Fixture - November 2022
Education League

University League Big Kick Off!

October 2022
Image of BCFA Uni League Trophy

University League Finals Day

Wednesday 15 March 2023
Pan-Disability Football Players

Pan-Disability Education League Festival Day

Thursday 30 March 2023
Image of the UOB female football team

Match Report: University League Finals

Another year of University football comes to a close
RBFC Winners

Birmingham FA College League

There was a dramatic conclusion to the Birmingham FA College League
BCFC College League

BCFA College League Returns

Starting for the 23/24 season on Wednesday 27th September 2023
Education providers


Jonathan Adams

07398 975478




Demir Vavan 
T: 07894322273
E: demir@future-pro.co.uk
W: www.future-pro.co.uk

Joshua Coney
T: 07704368080
E: Joshconey@halesowentown.com
W: https://www.ht-fc.co.uk/

Chris Knott
T: 07738822916
E: chris.knott@leamingtonfc.co.uk
W: www.leamingtonfc.co.uk

James Dormand
T: 07825255311
E: info@nextgenerationfa.co.uk
W: www.nextgenerationfa.co.uk 
Richard Forsyth
T: 07703 494770
E: rforsyth@onewa.co.uk
W: http://www.onewa.co.uk/football-academy/
Rory Budge
T: 07455266515
E: rory.budge@rufcofficial.co.uk
W: www.rufcofficial.co.uk
Liam O Neill
T: 07786303037
E: liam.oneill@morthyng.co.uk
W: www.rugbyboroughfc.co.uk

Mike Harris
T: 07866275193
E: womensacademy@stourbridgefc.com
W: www.stourbridgefc.com

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